I was born in North Miami Beach, Florida the son of two former New Yorkers same as every good Floridian in the 70's was. In the 4th grade I was recruited into one of the first foreign language magnets in the state (the Center for Modern Languages)because of my aptitude for Spanish despite not being a native speaker. In high school, through a very odd turn of fate (it's a long story but if you ask me to I'll absolutely tell it), theater found me. The tiny theater program at North Miami Senior High School was a playground for me. At 17 I played Hamlet. Yes. Hamlet.

From there I was accepted into the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, because the only place you can really go from a state like Florida is a state like Texas. Their Theater Studies program which includes acting, writing and directing; empowered us to create our own pieces with our peers and showcase them in the small theaters the university put at our disposal. In those basement theaters my friends and I developed the artistic parameters for forming The House Theatre of Chicago in 2001.

Since moving to Chicago, a big victory for me in terms of the type of city I live in and a huge defeat for me weather wise, I have performed with companies all over the city and participated in the development of over a dozen original pieces of theater from the ground up. I am incredibly proud of my city and my company and the many other incredible artists that call Chicago home.  

In my other life I am a service industry professional who has been working in restaurants in many different capacities (my current capacity being as an Operations Manager for Sunda New Asian) for the past 17 years. Not many people have tried to balance a service industry job and an acting career. I am very unique in this way.

I am also an avid comic book collector. I have been collecting comic books since 1989 and have amassed a collection of over 4,000 individual comics and growing every week. On Wednesdays (which is new comic book day for the uninitiated) you can find me at Alleycat Comics in Andersonville.